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Pecan Processing

We offer two different pecan processing services:
Small and Large batch shelling.

Large Batches
After large batches are shelled, the pecan meats are ready to cook with or to sell. The pecans are given a hot water bath for disinfection and then are cracked and shelled just the same as the small batches. After being shelled, they are sized into pecan halves and pieces and are picked clean by human eyes. The large batch customer receives the pecan meats back in 30 lb boxes.

Cost: 300 lbs and up: $0.70 per pound inshell pecans

Minimum weight: 300 lbs

Small Batches
Shelling a small batch makes cleaning the meats from the shell much easier. First the pecans shells are cracked by the pecan cracker, and then the batch is processed with the pecan sheller. This sheller rolls the pecan meats from the shell while leaving the pecan halves mostly intact. After this process, about 70% of the loose shell is blown off of the pecan meats with our aspirator. The finished product is about half of the original weight from the loss of shell, and can be cleaned easily by the customer on a table top.

Cost: $0.50 per pound inshell pecans

Minimum weight: 10 lbs